Saturday, 30 May 2009


These guys do exist! They're known as The Fourth International Posadists. Click here for more info.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The BNP and the European Elections.

Not a strip today, instead I've drawn this:


(Inspired by this drawing from the wonderful Jorge Cham, creator of Phd Comics)

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past several months, the BNP are running for the European Parliament elections that are to be held on June 4, and the leader of the party, Nick Griffin, is running for the seat in the North West. I've already decided for quite some time who I'm going to vote for. Seeing as the voting system in the European Parliament elections is a lot fairer than the First Past The Post system used in this country's general elections, meaning that my vote will actually count, I've decided that my vote is going to Peter Cranie of the Green Party, who is also running for the North West seat.

For several weeks, Nick Griffin and his party have been out and about promoting the BNP to all walks of society. That is, all walks of white British society - the party are so desperate to shake off the racist image that they claim they no longer have, yet Griffin made the unsurprising gaffe last week that Black and Asian British citizens do not exist. But even if this recent sound bite didn't emerge recently (or of the countless others that have been spewed out for years), you only need to look into the party manifesto to be convinced that, no matter how Griffin et all try to claim that they're not the racist, fascist party that the media have portrayed them to be, the party is based on racist ideology. Every politically aware person knows that the party supports the repatriation of every non-White person in this country (whether they were born here or not), is against multiracial marriage and consider mixed-raced people in Britain as not British, but as "permanent guests", essentially implying that they are second-class citizens. Oh, and not to mention that all of its members must be of white, British stock.

I won't go into a massive rant about the BNP, seeing as doing so would make such a rant the n-teenth rant of its sort on the Internet. But I will talk a bit about the elections. I am aware that the chances of the BNP getting into Parliament are extremely small, thanks to the FPTP system that is used in general elections (this is the only reason why I think FPTP is a good thing). Although I’m trying to keep an optimistic mood and hoping that the BNP don’t do well on June 4, the current recession and people’s disillusion of politicians with the ongoing expenses saga means that this would sadly be unlikely. It’s a shame that people will use June 4 as an opportunity to show the two fingers to Labour and the Conservatives by voting BNP, but I do feel that it’s great news that more people are likely to vote for minor parties in these elections (according to polls anyway). Hell, I already mentioned that I’m voting for the Green Party! I also feel that there should be more awareness with these elections, and how the politics of the European works. It’s worrying how many feel that it wouldn’t matter if the BNP ever got a seat or two in the European Parliament, seeing as they’d be all the way in Brussels and wouldn’t really have an effect on British politics (ignoring the fact how EU law has an effect in all member states), or how they feel that they won’t get any seats in the European Parliament at all. The latter comment reflects the views that I heard during the London elections last year; although the media projected that the BNP would get two or three seats in the Greater London Assembly, many Londoners felt that they wouldn’t get any at all. They got one seat, in the end, which was taken up by Richard Barnbrook.

So, if you are outraged at the political climate in this country, DO NOT VOTE BNP. Vote for a minor party if you must. Hell, vote for UKIP if you have to! But please don’t vote for the BNP. Things are not all bad in this country. Yes, our MPs are corrupt, Labour and the Conservatives seem to be the same party and this recession seems to be getting worse. But Britain is not the anarchic, immoral, Islamic-banana-republic that the BNP, or even the Daily Mail and ITV News, like to think it is. Voting the BNP isn’t going to bring back what was good and great about this country, because this country is still good and great. And voting for them isn’t a vote for Britain, as there is nothing British about the BNP.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hello all!

I never realised I had an account on here before. I suppose maybe I made it all those years ago with the intention of writting a blog, but never got around to it. Ah well.

Anyways, this is my first blog, Dirty Stinking Liberals. It's more like a political web-comic than a blog. I've had this idea of doing a political web comic for over a year now, although I've been drawing political cartoons (if you could call them that) since I was 16. I'll give you a little taster as to what my drawing is like -


This political webcomic idea was really just an on-off thing at first because the idea came around the same time as I was completing my A Levels and because I couldn't really think of any decent ideas at the time. All I could manage were character profiles of a couple of characters and nothing else. However, my creative juices finally began to flow with ease once I moved Up North to the wonderful city of Liverpool, what with its rich political, leftie history.

The name "Dirty Stinking Liberals" was the name I first thought up of when I began having ideas of this webcomic over a year ago - the name comes from the sort of thing that that you usually hear on FOX News along with the words "terrorist", "patriot", "American", "un-American", "socialist" and "whoosy Canadians". Other names I have thought up of since are "Champagne Socialists", "Drunken Liberals" and "Filthy Lefties". Although for now, I will stick to the name I originally came up with, I want to see how this whole thing kicks off first before I make the possible decision to change the name.

I'll be posting my first few strips on here a couple of weeks time, as at the moment I'm busy with revising for exams and I need to find access to a scanner (yup, all of these are drawn on good-ol' fashioned ink and paper!). But for now, I will expalin a little bit about what Dirty Stinking Liberals is all about. The webcomic centers around the life of several characters, all of whom are a liberal bunch (hence the name!). So far, the strips I've already drawn are just short and sweet although I've already got ideas on two story arcs - one on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and another revolving around the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The strips only revolve around three characters at the moment, but I have ideas for another couple of characters. I hope to do the story arcs and include the other two charcters if this thing turns out okay. The webcomic will also aim to satirise attitudes and stereotypes towards those that are liberal leaning, as well as poking fun at both ends of the political spectrum - so to speak, I'm going to be rather socalist with my satire! Oh, and it will also keep up with current events, depending if I can draw fast enough!

So yeah, that's all I can really say for now. Hopefully, like I said, I'll post the first strips in about a fortnight or so (depending if I manage to find a scanner). But for now, if any of you have any suggestions, don't be afraid to ask! I'm all open to ideas.

Thanks for reading! :D