Monday, 24 August 2009

Comrade-Führer Hussein Obama

Those crazy Americans just can't make their minds up! Like today, I heard him being refered to as Felix the Cat!


Friday, 21 August 2009



In other news, I found out that an entry I did earlier this month on the book The Evil Empire got a mention in British They accused me of being drunk and incompetent because I couldn't make my mind up. The whole point of that blog entry (and the strip that went with it) was just that! Since then, I'm convinced that the book is just there to be laughed at. I managed to read at a copy of the book, which I conveniently found in the Humour section of my local Waterstones, and the numerous crimes against humanity that the British Empire committed get even more bizarre. Such crimes include the claim that Colplay destroyed rock 'n roll music and the infamous fact that the English language comes from...England.

By the looks of it, British also seems to be a joke website and organisation too, seeing as it just another creation of Steve A. Grasse, the author of The Evil Empire.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Moaning About the NHS

The headline on the Daily Heil is meant to read "WILL CHANNEL 4 HAVE SEX WITH YOUR DAUGHTERS?". I got it from the Daily Mail random headline generator, I know even an idiot can think up of a typical headline, but for some reason I went and did it the awkward way.


Thursday, 13 August 2009

The War on Obama's Healthcare Reforms

Picture below is an obvious pun on Sarah Palin's "death panel" comment. The skeletons are meant to represent accountants, health insurance companies and wealthy Republicans.

Once again, the issue of universal healthcare has been heatly debated in every town hall across the United States. Not since Bill Clinton's healthcare reform package back in 1993 has the issue on healthcare divided the world's superpower.

In reality, what Obama is proposing isn't a healthcare system for all, but a federally financed health care plan for people who don't otherwise have access to one. Currently, 50 million Americans have no access to any form of health insurance simply because they cannot afford it. Obama's reforms will simply add on to the publicly funded healthcare programs that already exist in the United States, which include Medicare (for the elderly and disabled), Medicaid (which covers some of the poor) and Veterans Health Administration (for military service families and veterans). But of course, the thousands that have disrupted town hall meetings across the US and have protested against the reforms are unaware of what it is Obama is actually proposing, instead being fed on their usual diet of spin and lies from the American right, who have decried the reforms as "evil and Orwellian" and "socialist".

The harsh criticisms on the reforms have gone to the point where the right and FOX News have resorted to demonising the NHS. Sarah Palin's "death panel" remark reflects the untruthful criticism many Republicans have been making on the NHS. For example, they claim that the NHS denies people over 59 are heart treatment or women under 25 cancer treatment. Sean Hannity of FOX News suggested viewers to "get their super glue" ready if the healthcare reforms are passed, a reference to a Daily Mail article from 2006 which Hannity used as "proof" how the evil the NHS is and how much us Brits suffer from it. The news channel have also cherry-picked the handful of politicians and critics of the NHS to represent the views of Britain in general. One example is MEP Dan Hannan, who made an appearance on Sean Hannity's show back in April. The lies have gotten so ridiculous that a conservative journal claimed that Stephen Hawking would have had no chance of survival if he were British and treated by the NHS, failing to realise that Hawking is British, has lived in this country his whole life and has always received treatment by the NHS. They hurriedly corrected the mistake.

The ongoing debates on Obama's healthcare reforms have reflected the sheer hypocrisy of the American right. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show once again highlighted this by comparing FOX News commentary on the current town hall meetings with past demonstrations organised by the "loony left". It's perfectly fine when conservatives are out there demonstrating as they're fulfilling their duty as American citizens by enacting the right to freedom of speech , but it's evil and "un-American" when liberals do the same.The American right also claim to be the upholder of Christian values with issues such as abortion and gay marriage, yet are strangely unaware of the "love thy neighbour" principle when it comes to the issue of healthcare.

Is there an underlying tone of racism with these protests? Possibly. Some members of the American public that have expressed concern over Obama are frightened that the President is turning the country into the United Socialist States of America (which is utterly ridiculous as it sounds, because pretty much everyone that has accused Obama of being a "socialist" don't know the meaning of the word). However, many are worried about Obama simply for the fact that they're "just scared" of him. Of course, this can be interpreted in so many ways, but I can't help but think that they hate him because of the colour of his skin, that the accusations of socialism are nothing more than a disguise on what they really think of him. Many of those interrupting the town hall meetings at the moment are from the Deep South, an area where some still advocate the return of Jim Crow or even secession from the United States. Obama represents a new generation of Americans who didn't grow up in the days of segregation and Jim Crow and see past race and colour. It seems that the Angry White Man has made a comeback in American politics, but this time they've gotten uglyier, what with accusing the President of being an illegal immigrant, a Muslim terrorist and for apparently hating white people, among other things.
Maybe I'm reading too much into this? I don't know. I'm just horrified and sickened by how far the American right have gone to demonise the reforms. Glenn Beck, another FOX commentator that makes Bill O'Reilly appear like a senile old man, went as far to exploit his own young daughter (who has cerebral palsy) when comparing the Obama administration to Nazi Germany.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Piggy Sniffles

Trying to portray regular flu was tricky, so I used a picture of a cuddly toy of the virus to help. Instead, I gone and made him look a bit like Hellraiser. Oh well.


Friday, 7 August 2009

England: The Evil Empire


The book The Evil Empire - 101 Ways England Ruined The World was published two years ago by Steven A. Grasse as a ploy to undercover the horrors of British colonialism and to point out to Britons everywhere how America is cleaning up their mess after four centuries of empire building.

I'm certain the book is nothing more than satire: the many reasons as to why the British is so evil include the fact we knighted Elton John and how the Industrial Revolution was actually the British Empire's plan to control the universe. The video advertising the book seems somewhat sarcastic in nature. Even the photo of the illustator of the book in the book's website depicts him sitting on a toilet naked with a big grin on his face, so clearly this book was just published for a bit of a laugh.

However, the reviews on Amazon and the interviews he did on the Richard and Judy Show and BBC Radio two years ago seem to suggest that the author is pretty serious and somewhat uneducated. I'm not denying that British colonialism damaged many parts of the world, but I find it amusing that an American is accusing Britain of genocide and all sorts of crimes without taking note of America's treatment of the Native Americans and its history of foreign policy. He seems somewhat ignorant with history - he claimed that the Vietnam War was Britain's fault and that the current Iraq War was due to the fact that Britain "invented" the country (he is right in the sense that Iraq was created from the British Mandate of Mesopotamia, but last time I checked, the US and UK invaded the country for non-existant WMDs).

Eh, I dunno. Either the guy is just trolling (as they say in the Internet world) or he's just a complete buffoon.