Monday, 3 August 2009

Atheist v Theist



  1. That is so utterly stupid.

    Do you even know what an agnostic is? It's somebody who doesn't think there is enough evidence for him/her to believe either way - not somebody who has not made their mind up.

    God.. I really hate your crappy blog. This is my first and last visit.

  2. The point this strip is making is that some atheists and theists out there think otherwise and view agnostics as indecisive about the existance of God and/or whether to express their own opinion on the subject or not. Read the book "In God We Doubt: Confessions of a Failed Atheist" by John Humphrys (who is himself an agnostic); the book explains how agnostics have become the target of the believers and non-believers, and is also the author's own account from being religious to atheist and then agnostic.

    Of course, this whole reply has been pointless seeing as you've stated that you'll never visit this blog again. But I thought I'd be respond anyway and to point out that you don't have a sense of humour.