Friday, 21 August 2009



In other news, I found out that an entry I did earlier this month on the book The Evil Empire got a mention in British They accused me of being drunk and incompetent because I couldn't make my mind up. The whole point of that blog entry (and the strip that went with it) was just that! Since then, I'm convinced that the book is just there to be laughed at. I managed to read at a copy of the book, which I conveniently found in the Humour section of my local Waterstones, and the numerous crimes against humanity that the British Empire committed get even more bizarre. Such crimes include the claim that Colplay destroyed rock 'n roll music and the infamous fact that the English language comes from...England.

By the looks of it, British also seems to be a joke website and organisation too, seeing as it just another creation of Steve A. Grasse, the author of The Evil Empire.

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