Friday, 7 August 2009

England: The Evil Empire


The book The Evil Empire - 101 Ways England Ruined The World was published two years ago by Steven A. Grasse as a ploy to undercover the horrors of British colonialism and to point out to Britons everywhere how America is cleaning up their mess after four centuries of empire building.

I'm certain the book is nothing more than satire: the many reasons as to why the British is so evil include the fact we knighted Elton John and how the Industrial Revolution was actually the British Empire's plan to control the universe. The video advertising the book seems somewhat sarcastic in nature. Even the photo of the illustator of the book in the book's website depicts him sitting on a toilet naked with a big grin on his face, so clearly this book was just published for a bit of a laugh.

However, the reviews on Amazon and the interviews he did on the Richard and Judy Show and BBC Radio two years ago seem to suggest that the author is pretty serious and somewhat uneducated. I'm not denying that British colonialism damaged many parts of the world, but I find it amusing that an American is accusing Britain of genocide and all sorts of crimes without taking note of America's treatment of the Native Americans and its history of foreign policy. He seems somewhat ignorant with history - he claimed that the Vietnam War was Britain's fault and that the current Iraq War was due to the fact that Britain "invented" the country (he is right in the sense that Iraq was created from the British Mandate of Mesopotamia, but last time I checked, the US and UK invaded the country for non-existant WMDs).

Eh, I dunno. Either the guy is just trolling (as they say in the Internet world) or he's just a complete buffoon.

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