Monday, 12 April 2010

Indecision 2010 - Parliament's Out!


This election will be the third time I have used my right to vote, the last two being the 2009 European election and the 2008 London Mayor election. This is my first General Election. Whereas the last two elections gave me a sense of excitement, and I have found General Elections pretty thrilling since I was 11 (I had a very deprived childhood), this year I have been feeling the opposite.

Why is this so? It's because I hate the FPTP system. Not just because the polls increasingly suggest that we are heading for a hung parliament led by Labour, even if they don't win the most votes. Liverpool Riverside, the constituency I live at during term time, is one of the safest Labour seats in the country. According to, a persons vote here is the equivalent of 0.018 votes and the average British voter has 14.29 times more voting power than those living in Liverpool Riverside. Since 1983, over 75% of votes in the constituency have gone to Labour.

However, if I decided to do a postal vote and vote in my family's constituency, the newly created Ruislip-Northwood-Pinner, I'd be voting in a Tory seat as was the case before my constituency changed its name and size from the former seat of Ruislip-Northwood. I couldn't get figures for the current constituency, seeing as it was officially created today, but I do know that the former Ruislip-Northwood had always been blue.

I am aware that under the FPTP system, it is the swing seats that decides on the outcome of elections. Even so, this sytsem has made me feel really apathetic all of a sudden. And I just know that any attempt to reform the voting system will never happen under the Conservatives or Labour; why bite the hand that feeds you?


  1. I reckon vote for whomever you want regardless of the safety of the seat. If the Lib Dems have more presence at the next parliament then your vote will make up the stats that help to persuade the electorate to bring in PR.

  2. I guess. Besides, since I wrote this, I found out that the Lib Dems did really well in that Liverpool constituency in 2005. Whereas Labour usually get around 70-80% of the vote here, they only got 56% in the last election, and the Lib Dems got over a third of the votes.

    I hope having this in mind, and the fact that my constituency has the lowest turnout in the country, will crush any apathy that I have.