Thursday, 20 May 2010

Moe and His Cat

Sorry for the lack of posts this past month, I've been busy with exams, essays and being in a play. I've already drawn a few strips in regards to the election two weeks ago, but I'll post them up once I find them (seriously, my desk is in such a state that I need to call in a team of archaeologists).

Anwyay, in the mean time, here is my contribution to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day...


I decided to draw this, to reflect Muhammad's love for cats. I didn't do this not to avoid offending anyone if I did draw something which criticised Muhammad or Islam (my original idea was to have him in a burqa, but a French newspaper done that years ago), but to see what reaction I would get (if any) if I portrayed Muhammad in a positive light. Already, I would have offended some for simply portraying the Prophet (which has been considered a taboo in Islam only since the 16th Century), but it would be interesting to see what reaction I would get if anybody saw this. Especially if it's something that looks as if it's been drawn by a child!