Thursday, 20 May 2010

Moe and His Cat

Sorry for the lack of posts this past month, I've been busy with exams, essays and being in a play. I've already drawn a few strips in regards to the election two weeks ago, but I'll post them up once I find them (seriously, my desk is in such a state that I need to call in a team of archaeologists).

Anwyay, in the mean time, here is my contribution to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day...


I decided to draw this, to reflect Muhammad's love for cats. I didn't do this not to avoid offending anyone if I did draw something which criticised Muhammad or Islam (my original idea was to have him in a burqa, but a French newspaper done that years ago), but to see what reaction I would get (if any) if I portrayed Muhammad in a positive light. Already, I would have offended some for simply portraying the Prophet (which has been considered a taboo in Islam only since the 16th Century), but it would be interesting to see what reaction I would get if anybody saw this. Especially if it's something that looks as if it's been drawn by a child!


  1. This is racist.

  2. This is hardly racist. This whole "not drawing the prophet" only became a problem recently. South park depicted him in an early episode "super best friends" and it went by without any question. The latest episode in which they were going to depict Muhammad they were practically threatened by an Islamic organization (they had published the creators addresses).

    On another note, Good job man, I like your work!

  3. Drawings can not offend anyone. It is political hatred between the nations due to injustices etc.
    Many Muslims do not even know the true message of Islam. Everything gets changed and twisted.

    You can draw or degrade who ever you want to, only the power who created can judge one. All human beings do something wrong in their lives.
    By power above i mean the computerized system of karma in this world.