Wednesday, 3 November 2010

...Anybody there?

So a couple of months, I started doing a new comic called Lilith and Steve, which stopped abruptly at part 6. This was because of so many reasons; some of which include my laptop breaking down (and having to wait several weeks for a new replacement...which truned out to be my old one but with a new hardrive), I joined a Maori haka troupe and was getting everything ready and prepared for my final year at uni. Fast approaching my quater-life crisis and soon to face the realities of graduation and life outside acedemia, I've resorted to drowning out my sorrows with a mixture of Swedish cider, the Asterix comics and Stictly Come Dancing - Ann Widdecombe on that show is both the most hilarious and most disturbing thing I have ever seen on televison.

Anyhoo, new comic! Sadly not the next installment of Lilith and Steve (which will continue next month), but it's something which I did for the first edition of Ellipsis, Liverpool University's new student magazine.



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