Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hipsterwall and Gay Maths

Comic inspired by this article from the Guardian, where the writer claims that the hipster 'movement' has improved gay rights and made homosexuality socially acceptable.


In other news, this article from the Daily Mail has been shared and spread around all over the Internet since Sunday. In true Mail style, the article raises concern and exaggerates on a non-issue and combines it with their stance towards homosexuals. In the last couple of weeks, the Mail have reported on stories such as the persecution of Christian B&B owners by homosexuals, how said homosexuals are as bad as Nazis, how This Morning is turning into a daytime gay porn show, and that Britain's squash teams are becoming lesbianised.

Now, the Daily Mail makes out that kids "as young as FOUR" are to be taught on how to become homosexuals. Although this is something that would make the likes of Helen Lovejoy have a heart-attack, these are merely proposals. The idea is that children are not "taught about" gay people at all, but rather their existance is just casually acknowledged in any lessons in which people in general are refered to, such as in Maths lessons ("Jane and Elizabeth go on a date..."), or in science lessons where children would be taught evidence of homosexuality in certain animals such as penguins or fruit flies. As usual, it had Mail readers frothing in the mouth, with the usual criticism of political correctness gone mad and using somewhat homoerotic language when claiming that the gays are "ramming their agenda down our throats".

It also didn't stop the likes of Melanie Phillips from sharing her outrage on this "gay curriculum" in her column. Such proposals, Phillips argues, would be brainwashing children, and is tantamount to child abuse. She also goes on to suggest that homosexuals fighting for equality are equivalent to McCathyites, seeking to make homosexuality "mandatory". Despite this, and the fact she has a paranoid belief that the "gay agenda" is controlling the country and seeking to sacrifice freedom of speech for tolerance, it didn't stop her from writing such nasty bile in a newspaper which has the second-largest circulation in the country.

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