Monday, 23 April 2012

Creeping Sharia


It's been a long time coming poking fun at the English Defence League. I did write a really piss-poor blog entry about them many years ago, back when nobody really knew anything about them. Not to sound like some political hipster or anything, they were a very elusive organisation back then - even the BNP were really suspicious of them, accusing them of being a Zionist false-flag operation!

Almost three years later, the BNP have become irrelevant to the point that they're on the brink of bankruptcy, whilst joining forces with the EDL, who have now taken their place as a the face of the British (or English) far-right. They've also become the most hilarious far-right organisation in the country. Why? Mainly because their crusade against the so-called Islamification of Britain is beyond parody, viewing themselves as culture warriors that will never submit to "Aslan". We've all heard of the Muslamic ray guns plaguing British steets, how immigrants are bleeding the country dry thanks to their demand for benefits and boilers, and the outrage surrounding the halal status of Kingsmill bread. Last week, the EDL's attempts to start a debate on multiculturalism on Twitter with the hashtag #CreepingSharia completely backfired.

The thing I find most hilarious about the EDL? It's leader, Tommy Robinson, owns a tanning salon. Something quite bizarre about a white man who goes around hating on brown people runs whilst running a business that makes white people brown. Or orange.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The (Un)Official London 2012 Olympics Comic

To put this comic into context, apparently the strict marketing rules surrounding this summer's Olympics could make even talking or tweeting about the Games techincally illegal.

Go on, sue me.

Friday, 6 April 2012

The London Mayoral Olympics, Round II.

My take on Newsnight's London Mayoral election debate from a couple of nights ago.