Sunday, 3 February 2013

Now They're Just Some Cartoons That I Used To Know

Once again, I took another break from drawing cartoons and from this blog. Unlike previous occasions where I stopped due to university work or just because I somehow lost interest, this time it was due to the effects of long-term unemployment taking their toll. Shortly after I made my last post, I was moved onto the A4e Work Programme. Let's just say that my time with them was as grueling and soul destroying as so many people have been saying on the web and in the media. There was finally light at the end of the tunnel. I've gone and complied a comic about my experience, which I will post pretty soon.

Meanwhile, here's some rough sketches of cartoons that I was intending on posting last summer. I could only find three.

 photo 97a37dae-a54d-4701-8e86-10eea0671c45.jpg

This one was going to be about suggestions for the Olympic opening ceremony, which I was gonna post on the day the Olympics officially started. Dot Cotton lights the Olympic cauldron with her fag-end, and  a rather feminine looking Grace Jones decides to hula-hoop with five rings.


Ed Milliband, I think?.

 photo 974d10ff-cbd4-4487-8cf9-ec63c29e0b80.jpg

Lastly, this one is based on a reinterpretation of the "Equality Of Sacrifice" cartoon from an old Labour Party poster from 1929. The original been making the rounds on the Internet since last year, but it has now gone to the extent that the Labour Party have now revived the term in regards to the coalition government. Don't think I'll ever finish this one, George Osborne is hard to draw, and the original seems to be effective enough.

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